Friday, August 21, 2015

MSI GS60 GhostPro 064 Review

ecently I just got a new laptop. It is the MSI GS60 GhostPro 064. It is a gaming laptop designed by MSI and it is extremely fast. It comes with an i7-4720 2.60Ghz processor and a NVIDIA GTX GeForce 970M. Below is are the pros and cons about the computer:

1. The computer is capable of running multiple tasks at once without slowing down a bit. I am capable of running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Steam, surf the web, play music, and download giant files without the computer slowing down.

2. The computer is very thin and slick. It can fit in very small spaces and is very durable.

3. The computer can run many games on ultra settings without breaking a sweat (figuratively speaking)

4. It comes with a number pad on the side of the keyboard, which is very nice since you don't have to reach towards the top of the keyboard every time something requires numbers.

5. Very large storage capacity. It comes with a  one terabyte hard drive and a two hundred fifty-six gigabyte solid state drive. Can be customized to have more or less storage depending on where bought.


6. The sound is very clear and is capable of many frequencies at different amplitudes.

7. Very good resolution. It has a 15.6 inch screen with 1920x1080 resolution.

8. Keyboard is backlit with multiple colors which looks cool and allows the user to easily type in the dark.

9. Can plug in a second monitor for work.

10. Three USB slots.

1. Fingerprints stay on the computer shell for a long time, but can be wiped off with a cloth or clothes.

2. Dust is clearly visible if allowed to gather on the computer.

As you can see, the pros far outnumber the cons, and the two cons that I have come across are only cosmetic issues. The computer's performance is clearly top notch and if you are looking for an excellent gaming laptop this computer should definitely be on your list of possible choices.

Overall, this computer satisfied all my needs and actually exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with my decision. I wish you all luck in your writing, games, and other activities! Feel free to let me know of other pros and cons I should be on the look out for! :)

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