Wednesday, November 25, 2015


After years of building his "beam me up Scotty" teleport device, Professor Gimmy Jibs was ready to unveil it to the anticipation universe. In his magnificent unveiling he described it as, "a simple concept, but hard to achieve." The concept WAS pretty simple. It required the molecules of a being to be transported at the speed of light than rearranged in the same pattern in a different position. Of course, the most challenging part was getting the molecules to be rearranged in the proper positions. An even MORE challenging part was getting people to stay alive during the process. After a couple of sad but necessary losses, the teleport machine was functional and perfect. The Professor cried out at the audience, "Ladies and Gentlemen, if I may request you all to put on your sunglasses I asked you bring." He waited. "Now, I will demonstrate the power of the magical device by sending a piece of rock twenty feet to my left and the teleport station there. he set the rock down on the teleport station in front of him, and the audience leaned in with curiosity. The Professor flipped a switch, and the rock disappeared in a flash of light, instantly reappearing in the other teleport station, retaining its shape and properties. The Professor continued, "Wonderful isn't it? Now, I will demonstrate this on myself! My apprentice Galywax, hold this lever and pull it when I am on the platform." The Professor was climbing on the platform and before he could say go, he disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared at the other end, shouting, "Go!" The audience laughed and the Professor chuckled himself. He bowed and said, "Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, people of Earth, I give you the technology to travel anywhere instantaneously!" The audience applause sounded like thunder was laughing, but then, everything went wrong...

The Professor screamed and started holding his stomach while doctors rushed to the stage. He lifted up his shirt and saw that his body was steaming and smoking. He flailed as the panicked doctors became confused. They brought him to the hover ambulance and sent him to the moon, a mass hospital for the critically ill. During this time, the rock also started to sizzle and smoke, its inside growing red hot, until it disintegrated into a pile of dust. The audience shoved each other and jumped over each other trying to escape, but Galywax stopped them. He said, "Foolish Professor. He helped me accomplish my plans. The teleportation was just a side affect of my magnificent plan to end life on Earth!" A cackling laugh filled the auditorium. "You see, the transportation of molecules at the speed of light cause a mass disruption in the flux of the universe, causing bits of rock and people to-" He paused. "Stop existing." The audience screamed and charged Galywax, but he took a blaster from out of his coat and pointed it at the audience. He said, "Bye!" The blaster had the same mechanics as the teleportation machine. The sent a beam going through the audience, and they all started to grab at their abdomens and dissolve. Galywax laughed and gave a groaning man a thumbs up. The man's last words were, "You're crazy..."

Galywax entered a code into the former teleport machine until a large transmitter emerged from the top. He started the program, got in his space ship, and left for Alpha Centauri 7. 

Sixteen minutes was all the time for the human race to live. The powers of the world gathered together in an emergency meeting, finding a way to live. After a precious three minutes of consulting, they decided to evacuate as many people off Earth as possible and to go to the Tenua system, and star system only two light years away. The trip would take three years but it would save the human race from extinction. Emergency alarms went off, televisions sent emergency broadcast messages, and the human race left Earth, and each person saw the Sun dissolve, dissolve into nothingness, then the Earth losing its orbital path and freezing, the oceans becoming enormous ice gems, but the human race moved on.

During those three precious minutes, and despite the importance of it, tears were shed. Imagine it, at the moment of no hope, finally reaching a desperate conclusion to abandon home, the original planet to have human life, and for those humans to abandon it. However, through that sorrow and desperateness, hope. Hope for a future with humans and hope to survive another day.



The stars above twinkled unknowingly of the chaos down below. The space ship XT-22 was in an intense storm, pummeled by meteors, and being sucked towards the planet of Neptune 3. The captain screamed into the telephone, "XT-22 is going down, I repeat, XT-22 is going down!" The receiver on planet Earth replied, 'STAY IN ORBIT, RESCUE SHIPS ARE ON THE WAY! ARRIVAL TIME IN APPROXIMATELY 4 HOURS!" The captain swore and turned off the phone.

 A meteor slammed straight into the hull of the ship, and forty unlucky sailors were sucked towards the planet's surface. The Captain screamed to a Sergeant, "Williams, stabilize this ship we need to stay in orbit." Williams pressed flashing buttons appearing on the screen in front of him, and the ships motors sprang into action, the nuclear power cell heating up over a thousand degrees. The ship slowly started to escape orbit until another meteor slammed into the engine room, killing thirty people instantly and shutting down the engines. Once again, the ship startled to tumble towards the gigantic gas giant Neptune 3. A third meteor hit the life supply chamber and broke trough the entire shop, creating a massive hole. Air was being sucked out quickly, and water and food fell towards the planet, disintegrating as it entered the atmosphere. At this time, nearly three quarters of the crew were dead, and life support was failing for the rest of the crew...

Captain Williams scrambled back onto his feet and assessed the damage done to XT-22. The main power was failing, but still on for the moment, and they sent out a distress signal, draining the battery even more. They dimmed the lights, and turned off all unnecessary utilities. By now only twelve crew members were alive on a eighty two man spaceship. The hull creaked as the gravitational pull of the Neptune pulled it, and the were slowly falling, almost at escape velocity to get in orbit, but it still wasn't enough. Neptune 3's gravity was three times that of Neptune, and the Captain ordered them to get to the escape pods. Williams protested, "Sir, as much as I would like that, the pods are on the other side of the ship, we would have to go through massive holes in order to get to them!?"

"Then we will go around the holes!" cried the Captain. Thus, the twelve remaining crew members trekked across the giant ship. On floor three, the encountered their first obstacle, a gap the size of the a school bus. The air shield preventing them from being sucked towards Neptune 3 was holding, but the main power was at ten percent and decreasing. One man was so desperate he jumped, and before anyone could stopped him he fell through the air shield and towards Neptune 3. Williams shouted, "What an idiot." They decided to go up one more floor and go above, although it cost them time and air. They kept traveling, and met many similar obstacles that everyone got past. Two hours had passed, and the main battery was at two percent. They were running as fast as they could, until they reached corridor seven of floor sixty three. A gas line suddenly broke, opening holes in the wall around them, sending three people tumbling to their deaths.The captain held onto one of the pipes, by the force of gravity pulled him and the pull perpendicular to the ground. Pure nitrogen was being sprayed into the Captain's face, and Williams tried to help. Williams grabbed the captains arm, and tried to pull him up but the Captain's weight was already to big. After an excruciating two minutes, the captain fainted from suffocation and fell towards Neptune 3, a look of shock still on his face. The remaining seven people rushed towards the nearby escape pods, and climbed into them, relief on their faces. Some attempted to eject, but there was too little power to release the pods. Williams went back out of his cell, and went to the control panel and was prepared to turn on power to the release of the pods, even those that kept the air shield intact. He closed his eyes and pressed the button. Four escape pods launched, and Williams lunged to reach for the fifth. His friend Jim reached forward and grabbed him trying to pull Williams into the escape pod. Williams flailed and flopped, unable to get in. He screamed and said, "Jim! Go! I can't make it!" Williams let go of Jim's hands and spread his arms out, falling. Jim shouted, "NO!", then launched the escape pod and maneuvered it underneath to try and catch Williams. Williams landed on top of the pod, unconscious and near death. His body was blue, and Jim dragged him in and accelerated to escape velocity. Some pods were not so lucky, hitting wreckage and exploding. By the time the rescue crew arrived, only two pods were left, Williams pod, and some other lucky bloke's pod. Only four survivors out of an eighty-two man crew.