Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The great Warlord of Planet Terruno was preparing for battle against the Warlord of planet Amable. The Warlord of Terruno had a fitting name for his type of brutality, Cruentis, which also resembled the Latin word for blood. The Warlord of Amable had a kinder name, matching is gentler personality, although he was still crueler than most people. His name was Exli. They were both in their motherships, surrounding the asteroid belt of Tarth, each with over a thousand battle ships at there command, as well as tens of thousands of tiny little fighters.

Cruentis knew that he would win. He felt a good sensation in his head as he laid out the plan to destroy his enemy. Cruentis moved little dots around on a hover map of the battlefield. They were to use the Lambda formation, attack in a V shape, the curl the ends to disorient the enemy. It was an ancient tactic, but extremely deadly.

On the other hand, Exli was prepared to use a modern tactic. It was a bomb and run tactic, where all ships would focus fire on the nearest ship, then immediately regroup again, and go in for another run on a different ship until the enemy fleet was destroyed. It was a new strategy, one that Cruentis would not suspect.

Cruentis was not one to wait. After he finished explaining his plan to his commanders, he attacked. Exli saw the enemy fleet move and broke out in sweat. He was nervous, but not nervous enough to panic. He told his fleet to execute the plan, and flawlessly, his fleet started to conglomerate into one giant mass. They started to fire upon the nearest command ship, and it quickly broke up, but through the emptiness of space, no scream was heard.

Cruentis was enraged to see a battleship be destroyed already, and he ordered all his troops to fire at the nearest enemy. There was blinding light as laser blasters fired and fighters were destroyed. It was a terrible battle, resulting in a thousand dead. The fleets broke up and became spaced into each other, each Warlord's intelligent plan crumbling into dust as the fighter pilots fought to survive. Exli marched over to his personal fighter, and four of his soldiers accompanied him into their fighters. They flew out of the mothership and into the battle.

Exli was a seasoned pilot, and he immediately destroyed two enemies with ease, and quickly brought down three others. He did a barrel roll and headed for Cruentis's ship. Exli's bodyguards tailed closely behind him, forming a perfect V shape. The 5 were like a flock of geese, smoothly and evenly weaving in between ships. Cruentis stepped towards the pane looking out over the battle and saw Exli's ship, unaware of the pilot. Cruentis cried, "Destroy that sniveling pilot! We need to destroy Exli and conquer Amable once and for all!" Cruentis grabbed a soldier from out of his turret chair and climbed in himself. He scoped in and shot two of Exli's body guards, each pilot's ship hurling towards an asteroid. Cruentis smiled a scary evil smile and licked his lips. He shot the two other body guards down, and when he scoped onto Exli's ship, he gasped. He had no idea that Exli was piloting the ship. It was too easy. He took aim, and fired. Exli's ship was blown into pieces. Cruentis cheered and bellowed, "Exli was been killed! Victory for the Terruno!" His crew cheered. He was about to transfer the news on all channels when he heard a thud behind him. A General gasped. Cruentis turned around and his mouth dropped open. It was Exli. Exli had a space suit on and had cut a hole in the ship, which automatically sealed itself. Cruentis whispered, " B-B-But h-h-how did you survive?" Exli laughed and said, "I knew you would shoot me down, so I ejected from my fighter on your ship, and let a hologram take up the pilot seat. You were so easily fooled, and I am afraid I must kill you to protect my people." Cruentis roared and ripped a swivel chair from out of the ship and threw it at Exli. Exli dodged it and shot a blaster pistol at Cruentis. Cruentis was hit. and the smell of burning flesh filled the room. Cruentis was shot in the heart. Cruentis screamed and wailed. He collapsed to the ground gasping, and in barely a whisper said, "You will die with me." Cruentis pulled on a lever and the ship powered down, allowing the gravity of Amable to pull it. Exli rushed forwards and tried to turn the massive ship back on, but it was too late. The system was completely locked and sealed. There was no way out. Exli turned on his communications device on his space suit and announced to his fleet as he plummeted, "People of Amable. I am going to die, but do not fear. Live your lives with peace and harmony with the people of Terruno. Tell them they are no longer oppresed by the dead Warlord Cruentis, and that we will never forget anyones sacrifice in this war. Goodnight." The ship hit Amable, and the communications device went silent.

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